Poster Session

The poster session includes both posters accepted for inclusion in the SYSTOR 2016 proceedings as extended abstracts and posters accepted for presentation only. All posters compete for the "Best Poster" award. The winner will be selected by the conference participants, and the posters are all assigned numbers for the sake of voting.

Posters accepted for presentation and publication:

  1. Enterprise Resource Management in Mesos Clusters
    Abed Abu-Dbai (IBM Research - Haifa), Khalid Ahmed (IBM Platform Computing), David Breitgand, Gidon Gershinsky, and Alex Glikson (IBM Research – Haifa)
  2. Utilizing Optical Circuits in Hybrid Packet/Circuit Data-Center Networks
    Yaniv Ben-Itzhak (IBM Research - Haifa), Cosmin Caba, and José Soler (DTU Fotonik)
  3. Coded Network Switches for Improved Throughput
    Rami Cohen and Yuval Cassuto (Technion)
  4. A Robotic Mobile Hot Spot Relay (MHSR) for Disaster Areas
    Itai Dabran and Tom Palny (Technion)
  5. Using Storage Class Memory Efficiently for an In-Memory Database
    Yonatan Gottesman, Joel Nider, Ronen Kat, Yaron Weinsberg, and Michael Factor (IBM Research - Haifa)
  6. Software-Defined Emulation Infrastructure for High Speed Storage
    Krishna T. Malladi, Manu Awasthi, and Hongzhong Zheng (Samsung Semiconductor)
  7. I/O Core Manager for Virtual Environments
    Eyal Moscovici (Technion), Yossi Kuperman, Joel Nider, Razya Ladelsky, Abel Gordon (IBM Research - Haifa), and Dan Tsafrir (Technion)
  8. Cross-ISA Container Migration
    Joel Nider and Mike Rapoport (IBM Research - Haifa)
  9. Memory-Aware Management for Multi-Level Main Memory Complex Using an Optimization of the Aging Paging Algorithm
    Gal Oren (Ben-Gurion University, Nuclear Research Center – Negev), Leonid Barenboim (Open University of Israel) and Lior Amar (Parallel Machines)
  10. Flexible Download Time Analysis of Coded Storage Systems
    Qiqi Shuai and Victor O.K. Li (The University of Hong Kong)
  11. Fast and Scalable Security Support for Directory-Based Distributed Shared Memory
    Ofir Shwartz and Yitzhak Birk (Technion)
  12. Optics in Data Centers - Adapting to Diverse Modern Workloads
    Shay Vargaftik, Isaac Keslassy, Ariel Orda (Technion), Katherine Barabash, Yaniv Ben-Itzhak, Ofer Biran, Dean Lorenz (IBM Research - Haifa)
  13. Semi-Open Trace Based Simulation for Reliable Evaluation of Job Throughput and User Productivity
    Netanel Zakay and Dror Feitelson (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Posters accepted for presentation only:

  1. Elastic Queue: A Universal SSD Lifetime Extension Plug-in for Cache Replacement Algorithms
    Yushi Liang, Yunpeng Chai (Renmin University of China), Ning Bao (National University of Singapore), Hengyu Chen (Florida University), and Yaohong Liu (Renmin University of China)
  2. Enabling Space Elasticity in Storage Systems
    Helgi Sigurbjarnarson (University of Washington), Petur O. Ragnarsson (Reykjavik University), Juncheng Yang (Emory University), Ymir Vigfusson (Emory University, Reykjavik University), and Mahesh Balakrishnan (Yale University)
  3. S-RAC: SSD Friendly Caching for Data Center Workloads
    Yuanjiang Ni, Ji Jiang, Dejun Jiang (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Xiaosong Ma (Qatar Computing Research Institute), Jin Xiong (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences), and Yuangang Wang (Huawei)
  4. Versioned Programming: A Simple Technique for Implementing Efficient, Lock-Free, and Composable Data Structures
    Yang Zhan and Donald E. Porter (Stony Brook University)
  5. Reducing Journaling Harm on Virtualized I/O Systems (short paper)
    Eunji Lee (Chungbuk National University), Hyokyung Bahn (Ewha University), Minseong Jeong, Sunghwan Kim, Jesung Yeon (Chungbuk National University), Seunghoon Yoo (Seoul National University), Sam H. Noh (UNIST), and Kang G. Shin (University of Michigan)
  6. True IOMMU Protection from DMA Attacks: When Copy is Faster Than Zero Copy (ASPLOS 16)
    Alex Markuze, Adam Morrison, and Dan Tsafrir (Technion)
  7. Ginseng: Market-Driven LLC Allocation (USENIX ATC'16)
    Liran Funaro, Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda, and Assaf Schuster (Technion)

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